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What our customers are saying:

George Michailow of Fast Lane International: "Thank you for being there for Fast Lane International from day 1. You are the most supportive, helpful and responsive company when it comes to customer service , tech support and trouble shooting. I added you to my Company's favorites page and give youabig thumbs up"

Tom Ingegno of OmniPop: “I've been using Book-It since 1992 and I'm very happy with the results. Changes and updates have always been customized for our needs.”

Technical Support
for EBT Products
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Contacting Technical Support:
Before contacting Technical Support, consider the following:
When contacting Technical Support, please have the following information ready:
  • What version of Book-It are you using. 
    (This can be found by selecting Help from Book-It main menu, and then selecting About.  The version number is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the about box.)
  • Please note weather you are a registered user, or calling about a demo you received.
Questions About Features, Functions, Orders, Enhancements or "How To" Issues:
If your question or issue falls into any of the above categories, or not sure - please contact us here  or you can call us at 888-667-8574 or 817-485-5658. Emails are answered no later than the following business day.
Technical Support Policy:
Please read this carefully
You receive (90) ninety days of free customer support, from the time that you either started your payment plan, or at the time of purchase. Support is defined as answering basic questions and resolving issues. Support is not the same as training.
{Please refer to the training section for additional information.}

No Charges!!
If you are reporting a problem or a suspected problem with the system:

If you suspect that there is an error with the system, there is no charge for the call - if the Customer Representative determines that a problem does exist. In all cases, we will advise you if there is a problem vs. an issue, at no cost to you.

Support via Internet
We accept all emails for support, at no cost to you. In all cases, we will respond to your question. If we feel that the question is a training issue, we will respond accordingly. For support on Book-It, contact us . Or call us at 888-667-8574.

If Customer Representatives need to assist you after the 90 days period for training a per hour charge (if you are not on maintenance), payable by credit card, in advance of the service. The per hour amount is monitored so that you only pay for the time that you use. If any additional paid time is left, it will be credited to your account for future use.
Click Here for Price Sheet
System Upgrades
System upgrades are changes and improvements to the version of Book-It that you purchased. System upgrades are free for the first three months. New Versions or releases to Book-It! are not covered under this agreement.

Network Issues
EBT will assist in basic networking installation questions. However, if additional help is needed, please contact the person(s) responsible at your site that installed the network. EBT can provide detailed assistance, on a ‘per hour’ fee basis if necessary.

Some Tips About Network Issues
The following are some basic tips, suggestions and trouble-shooting hints that you should consider, before calling EBT.  If you a have System Administrator or Network Administrator, it is strongly recommended that you refer all network connections to them.
Can not find database: If you have already installed BK on your network, and it was working previously - using WinExplorer or another application - try access the same drive that Book-It is on.
Can not print to a network printer: First try printing to the same network printer with another application, or using NotePad, WordPad or any windows utility capable of printing. 
Can not find B2k.Exe or one of its components: First, check the Bk2.ini (go to the Start menu on Windows, then to Run, and then key in Bk2.ini and press enter) and make sure that the User Path to Program is mapped to the correct drive.  Next, make sure that the any 'short-cut' icons or paths - contain the right file path too.