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Syncing for Remote Offices
How Syncing Remote Offices

How It Works
The following is a basic step-by-step guide of how DataExchange (Syncing Remote Offices) works.

Before the first Syncing Takes Place:  Before the first exchange of data takes place, one site has to be designated as the 'home' site or 'main' site.  The main site is the site that receives the remote.
Set Up Requirements
  • For each remote site, a unique ID is applied to the Operation Control Record.
  • The Remote Sites, which could be lap-tops, a physically different location such as an employee's home, or a diferent office location. - ALL MUST HAVE CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET.
Extraction Process - Host Computer
  • The extraction process, should be under the Utility Menu.
  • The extraction process applies to all databases.
  • Would extract either a full database or just those records that requested
  • As part of The Extraction Process, the routine will send a records to the SQL databases for update as well as all those users that need to be synced.
Things to Think About
  • Finances - do you want every remote user to be able to access financial records or report financial information?
  • Host Office - Only one office can be a host office.
  • Security - does every remote user see the same thing?  Example:  Do you want them to just see their records and have those records uploaded to the main office, or do you want them to see their records and the main office's records?


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I really have two or more different offices 'share information between one system?
Yes. Information on every change is coordinated between the remote offices and the 'main' office each night. Reports and controls allows you to know what was updated and by who.

How does your syncing process differ from ACT!?
Book-It is very different from ACT!
  1. We have more databases that we are updating.
  2. It is not just a swap of record for record, when our databases sync they also sync up SQL databases AND can update your site at the same time
  3. We also offer a more affordable solution with more options.
Does it cost extra to have Remote Offices?
It requires you to be on our maintenance plan, if there are several remote offices then prices can vary, and will quoted at time of purchase.
How often can we sync our offices?
Our syncing process is automated and therefore can be set up to run at any time interval you wish.  However, if you do wish to have it updated frequently then you will need a computer that is dedicated to just the syncing process.
Do we need a special computer for the syncing process?
Not a special computer, but if you will be syncing frequently (ex. every twenty minutes) you will need a computer that is dedicated to just the syncing process.
Wouldn't there be times where the information may be changed in two different sites?
Yes - but because how Book-It tracks these changes - 99% of the time, there are no conflicts. AND on the 1% of the time that there are conflicts - you can determine what information should be used.
How difficult is it to implement?
Technically, it is pretty simple. The most difficult part is determining who is going to be the 'main ' office. The main office only is important when determining the first initial 'sync' process.
 Contact Us with more Remote Office Questions .