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What our customers are saying:

George Michailow of Fast Lane International: "Thank you for being there for Fast Lane International from day 1. You are the most supportive, helpful and responsive company when it comes to customer service , tech support and trouble shooting. I added you to my Company's favorites page and give youabig thumbs up"

Tom Ingegno of OmniPop: “I've been using Book-It since 1992 and I'm very happy with the results. Changes and updates have always been customized for our needs.”

How to Navigate and Use Book-It
Begin reading down the page and you will find helpful information on the listed topics below as well as links to How to guides on our website and other informational guides to assist you in getting started with Book-it 2000.
Navigation: Features & Functions:

The Book-It System keeps track of names, addresses, telephone numbers, schedules, Itineraries, commissions due, along with several databases and general ledger reports to keep you informed with up-to-the-minute information.

Each database relies on each of the other databases.  Meaning, that information put in the Venue database (for example) can default to the Contract database.  Another example would be using information from the Contract database and from Holds and Blocks to create Itineraries.

Every aspect of the Book-It System works together, to create a more efficient tool for the user.  Listed below are the main modules of the Book-It System.


Using the Toolbar to Navigate:

Artists - The database designed to house all the information about groups, artists, performers and actors
Venues - theaters, clubs, stadiums and arenas/ Unique to this database is info on the capacity, performance hours, as well as additional fields the person who "books" the venue.
Organizations - Information on fraternities, business organizations and of course schools.
Promoters/Producers - Assign promoters, producers or other “buyers” of entertainment to this database
Managers & Agencies - Identify other agencies, casting directors, or sources that you need to pay (split) commissions.
Communication Station - Keep track of Things To Do, look at a list of all the names that are in all the databases (Global Names Table); track telephone calls; emails and monitor your own "projects".
Contracts/Offers - The Contract database is the pivotal point of the Book-It System.  Contracts uses data in all of the other databases in one form or another.  Information about when promo material, monetary entries (such as deposits due) generate from the information on the contracts.
Phone Book - Allows you to keep track of your own contact numbers (such as doctors, plumbers, delivery services and those ‘special folks’)
Artist Avail - Look to see who on your roster is available. Check by date; budget; category of artists.  Also, if you are tied into the ArtAvail.Net website - see whose other artists are available as well.
Itineraries - Produces itineraries for every artist on the database, in every form imaginable.
Venue Schedules - You can keep track of venue schedules and produce the same information as available for artists.

Hot Keys:

Hot Key Function
Cntrl + A Add New Record
Cntrl + C Clears Search
Cntrl + D Brings up all categories, dates, and options
Cntrl + F2 Artists
Cntrl + F3 Venues
Cntrl + F4 Organizations / Schools
Cntrl + F5 Promoters / Producers
Cntrl + F6 Managers / Agencies
Cntrl + F7 Contracts
Cntrl + F8 Artists' Availability
Cntrl + F9 Itineraries
Cntrl + G Global Names
Cntrl + I Internet
Cntrl + S Sort (sort in any grid)
Cntrl + M Take a Phone Message
F12 Update Record
F4 Take Note

How Do I Start to Add a Record:

Click on any module (Artist, Venue, Organization, Promoter, Agency, Contract): In the upper left hand corner, there will be an Add button (similar to the one illustrated here).
Press the Add (plus button); and you will be ready to add a new record for that module.
Once you have completed all the information for the new record, you can do one of three things:
  • Click on the List /Grid tab -which will take you back to the listing of the records.
  • Press the F12 key {which is usually found at the top of your keyboard}.  Doing so will save the record -and also remain there.
  • Press the Add Button (plus button) to add another record
To learn more on how to add click here .

Features and Functions:
Begin of Day:
Performs the daily accounting processes and updating of contracts.   The "BOD" is what causes reports to be available, determining what engagements were completed (or started); what promotional materials needs to be sent out (based upon what was entered in the engagement.) along with statistical updates.  It also determines if monies are due and posts what contracts are still outstanding.

Operational Control Records (OCR):
The OCR is where you set up the defaults for your company.  Name, contact information, Security Settings, what categories you want to define for each of the modules, payment methods, Quotes to Offers, Deposits paying off Commissions – are all set here.

Export /Import:
Export all records or selected records, except for contracts, (based upon the single item search function) into another database.  Select the data fields, and in the order that you want to export them.  Using this function allows for creations of merge files that can be used for emailing, faxing and mail-merge processing.

There are dozens of utilities within the Book-It series software, to help you manage contacts, expenses and your day-to-day business needs.  Some of the "utilities" you will use daily (like the Begin of Day), other utilities like the Operational Control Record - are usually only accessed when how you do business changes -and when you initially start using Book-It.

Starts the search function that allows you to search for specific records based upon criteria input into various fields.  Once records are selected, only the selected records are displayed in the Multiple Display grid.  Additionally, mailing labels and the Export function can be executed - using only those records that were selected.

There are dozens of reports that are available for contracts, as well as reports available for each module. In addition, customized reports can be developed for your agency.  To access reports, select Print from the main menu, the select reports. Many reports can be faxed, emailed or exported to other applications too!

Need to get rid of all those un-wanted records? Automatically purges those records that are set to ‘Z’.  The purge process is the only automated process that actually deletes records.  All records first have to be set to a status of 'Z'.

Additional Help: