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George Michailow of Fast Lane International: "Thank you for being there for Fast Lane International from day 1. You are the most supportive, helpful and responsive company when it comes to customer service , tech support and trouble shooting. I added you to my Company's favorites page and give youabig thumbs up"

Tom Ingegno of OmniPop: “I've been using Book-It since 1992 and I'm very happy with the results. Changes and updates have always been customized for our needs.”

How to Map Book-It on Each Computer
Map the Book-it program at each workstation to the databases on the server

About Mapping Book-It
  1. The program files will remain on the C:/ of every individual computer. (C:/EBT/PGMS/)
  2. It doesn't matter what computer you decide to be the server, but every computer in your network needs to be connected to that computer.
  3. When you install the DeskTop Download (that installs the program, but not the database) you need to have the Server already mapped on the computer.
  4. We can help you map Book-It via the web if you need help.  You can call us at 817-485-5658 or Email EBT.

 1. On whatever computer that you are trying to map to, if the databases are on your computer under: c:\ebt\bk2k\ then the MAPPED drive on the other computer should be mapped to another drive, Y (as an example drive) Y:\ebt so when you look at on the main computer – you can see \bk2k\ as one of the folders. Then on the INI it should be Y:\bk2k\

What is INI? INI is a file name extension used in Microsoft Windows. The letters stand for initialization. As this term implies, INI files are used to initialize, or set parameters for, the operating system and certain programs including Book-It.

 2. There has to be at least one folder, which would contain the databases, below the actual drive that is being mapped. So if you're looking on "My Computer" on the main computer it would similar to:
  My Computer
Y: \bk2k
(you can see bk2k as a folder under Y: - from the main computer)* to be double sure make sure you can see bk2.mdb

So the INI would look like:
User Path To Data=Y\Bk2k\
User Path To Program=c:\ebt\pgms\
  3. If you have received an error between 53 - 76, when opening Book-It the network connections between your computer and the computer that have the databases, are not available.
 4. First, write down the drive letter that you have "mapped" the network drive. Please keep in mind, that the drive has to be a logical drive letter (i.e. "P" , not a name like "John's Computer")
 5. Go To Start,
Go To Run.
In the place where it say "Open", type in CMD (and press enter).
 6. You should now be a DOS prompt (a black background that will have something similar typed: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName>)
 7. Type in the Drive Letter that you are trying to get to: (i.e. P drive) .. and press Enter
 8. The drive letter should now be displayed in the DOS prompt. (i.e. ) should look like P:\>
 9. If the above works correctly, then go to Windows Explorer (usually found under Program, then Accessories.)
10. In the address bar, type in the same drive (and press Enter) The list of the folders should be displayed
11. Next, click on the folder where the Book-It databases are located. Once you find the database (bk2.mdb) - then you can go to C:/Windows/Bk2.ini if your computer is older than a Vista. If you have a Vista, Windows 7, or newer go to: C:/EBT/PGMS/Bk2.ini

{go to Run, then to Open, Type in C:/Windows/Bk2.ini or C:/EBT/PGMS/ and click ok.}.
12. Once the file is open, (it will open in Notepad, go to where it says User Path to Data = c:\ebt\bk2k\ and replace c:\ebt\bk2k\ with the path that you just used in Windows Explorer. Save your settings, and you should be ready to go.
If you need help or would like EBT do it for you please call us at 817-485-5658 or Email EBT