Learning Guide to the Global Names Table

With the Global Names table you no longer have to look for people by module.  We have taken all of your contacts and placed them into one table that is convenient to find and easy to use and update.


Global Names Table.
There are three ways to update the global names table.  

1. Update it in the module and record.
2. Update it in the Communication Station.
3. Update it in various Control ^ D functions

Update by Module/Record
1.  In any Module in an y record click on this icon. 

2.  To add a new person click on the line with a * that is blank.

3.  This will bring up a blank box.

4.  Fill out the information, except for the User ID and Password.

5.  Click Update when you are done.

6.  When it has added, click on it.
7.  Add the User ID and Password.

8.  Then click on Update to the Web.
9.  When it's updated it will come back with this message.

10.  The reason it is done this way is that the system needs to have a record before it can assign a User ID and password to it.
Update by Communication Station
1.  Click on the Communication Station.
2.  The Global Names table is located in the lower left hand corner.

3.  Find the name you are looking for.

4.  Double click on it.
5.  A box will appear with the information.

6.  Make your changes to the information.

7.  Click Update.