Learning Guide to the Calendar, Things to Do/People to Contact, and the Electronic Sticky Notes

Learn the two different calendars, the expanded Things to Do/People to Contact grid, and how to really optimize the electronic sticky note.


Things to Do/People to Contact (TtD/PtC)
Learn how to keep up with your things to do list and the people that you need to contact to accomplish your goals.

1.  Click on the Icon above the Date Due for the TtD/PtC. This will expand the screen

2.  The Type, which is the second column, will tell you if it was EML (Email), FWP (Follow Up), or MSSG (Phone Message).
3.  Double click on the TtD line.

4.  A box will appear with all the information that you need about the message.

You can:
A. Click on the Status Drop Down box and choose: Cancel, Done, Next Follow Up, or Re-Schedule.
B. If you choose Re-Schedule type in the new date to follow up.
C. Type in the new time.
D. Put in a category if you need to.
E. Then check the box that says Reminder.
F. Click the disk icon to save the message.

If you Chose Cancel or Done you can:
A. Click on the Trash Can to completely delete it.

5.  To Search on TtD/PtC you can type in a:
A. Due Date
B. Type
C. Status

Click the Re-Query box and only those TtD/PtC will appear.

Calendar by Day and Time
1.  The Calendar appears on the right side of your screen.
2.  If you just wish to see what appointments or other events of the day click on this icon.

3.  If you wish to see the days of the month with your respective appointment click on the icon again.

4.  Right click on the time you would like to add the appointment.

5.  And then start to type what your appointment is.

Sticky Notes
1.  Sticky Notes Properties can be found at the bottom of the right hand corner.
2.  By clicking on Load Notes on Start means you would like to use the Sticky Notes -- if you are someone who doesn't wish to use Sticky Notes you can uncheck this box.

3.  If you would like the sticky note to remain on your computer regardless of the program that is on click on the Set Stick Note On Top.