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What our customers are saying:

George Michailow of Fast Lane International: "Thank you for being there for Fast Lane International from day 1. You are the most supportive, helpful and responsive company when it comes to customer service , tech support and trouble shooting. I added you to my Company's favorites page and give youabig thumbs up"

Tom Ingegno of OmniPop: “I've been using Book-It since 1992 and I'm very happy with the results. Changes and updates have always been customized for our needs.”


Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing one of EBT’s software applications.

The following is a list of tasks and action items that need to be completed so that the implementation of EBT’s software application is smooth and as pain free as possible. 

What To Do

At your convenience either fax or email reports that you use, along with an explanation or list of reports you would like to see, or modifications that you would like make to your existing reports.



READ THIS!!!!!!  With the exception of #1, #2 and #6, the following are simply suggestions.  The more information we have, the easier it is to help you.   How quick we get things done, depends on how fast the materials are forth coming.  



1. Installation of EBT’s Demo Software

If you have not already installed the EBT’s demo software on at least on your computers, please do so now. 


So that you can ensure that all the features and the functions that you want are “turned on” for you, when your site is activated.

Having the demo software also ensures that you are comfortable with the processing flow and navigation of our software.  Although many of the screens and functions can be customized to specifically meet your needs, the overall processing and navigation (“the look and feel of the software”) cannot.

What to Do

Immediately request a download link from EBT, Requesting a Demo with a download request – for the specific application that you are purchasing.


2. Send Forms, Contracts, Originating Documents

Please email (and if possible put the actual forms in RTF or Microsoft Word format) or fax copies of your documents.


Because the majority of EBT’s applications generate their own contracts, invoices, letters and correspondence; EBT will need the examples so that templates can be built into the EBT application.

In other words, if your are generating cover letters now, the EBT application will be able to send out cover letters too.

In addition, from the forms and materials that you send out to your clients, we can determine if there needs to be custom fields added, or other features or functions turned on/off.

What To Do

Send us copies of any of the following that you have:

(Please note, the following are only examples of the forms you might send).

___ Invoices 


___ Cover Letters ___Itineraries
___ Follow-Up Letters  ___ RFE (Request For Enhancements)
___ Offers ___Request for Proposals
___ Account Statements ___ Riders / Technical documents
___ Customer Reminders (i.e. late payments, late deposits)


MOST IMPORTANT:  If at all possible, if you can provide copies in   either Microsoft Word or RTF format that would be great.  In all cases, we would like to see both blank and COMPLETED copies of the forms.  



3.    Images / Trademarks / Logos

Any images, trademarks, logos, et al… that you want the EBT application to include when the forms and letters are generated, need to be sent via email. 

What To Do

Send either jpg, jpeg or gif files, for your logos / trademarks et al.Send the emails to support@ebt.net with your company’s name as the subject line.


EBT can scan images or pictures from any existing materials.  However, please keep in mind that scanning will produce lower quality images.   There is a $35.00 per image scanned.


4.    Spread Sheets, Databases & Files

If you have asked EBT to convert any databases for you, then those files should be sent now. 


Although you will continue to use your existing ‘work flow’ and applications until the time of the actual conversion to the EBT software (sometimes referred to as ‘conversion day’ or ‘throwing the switch), EBT needs the files so that conversions and test can be “built” for your company.

What To Do

Conversion file has to be sent via email.  Please consult with your technical support personnel as to what files are required and the best way to send them.

We accept files in CSV (Coma Separated), tab separated, Excel, dbf (I.e. ACT databases, some other dbase files) and ACCESS.

The files should be “zipped” prior to them being sent to EBT.  If you don’t have a WinZip file process, you can go to www.winzip.com and download WinZip for free.  

In addition, EBT can set up an email account on our own servers, that you can use to upload files larger than 1 meg, which is the limit on many regular email accounts.


5.    Reports you Currently Use.

It is great to see the reports that you currently use, so that our business analysts can “map” or explain what reports in our EBT applications, most closely match.


If you are going to be running a networked version of EBT’s application, it is necessary that you have a “shared” drive that will be used by all computers.  The “shared” drive is where the database for the EBT application is going to reside.

EBT DOES NOT OFFER NETWORK SUPPORT because it is impossible for us to reach through the computer screen and network computers together.  We do, however, have several “how to documents” that might assist you – if you want to venture down that path on your own. Click here to read them.  

Otherwise, we recommend hiring someone – whom we can talk to, that can do your networking.   We will be more than willing to talk to the network person in advance, and explain specifically what we want.

You should be aware that it should take no more than 1 hour for an experienced person to map network drives on your computers, assuming that you already have some sort of ‘network’ in place already. 


ASAP.  This can be done anytime, and would be most helpful it was not put off until the last minute. 


7.    Get in and Play / Learn the EBT Application

The main thing to do, while EBT is preparing your new installations (reports, forms et al.) is to get in and play with the demo databases.  If you have questions about our software, please refer to our web-site http://www.ebt.net/support –first. Next, you can’t find it there – just email us with your questions.

If there are any suggestions or recommendations on how we can improve our software and your experience with EBT, please let us know.