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Setting Up Split Commissions
Regardless of if you are paying them or they are paying you.

About Split Commissions
First, you need to determine if you are going to pay them – or are they going to pay you (the commission).

  If They Are Paying You:
 1. In Contracts, Click on the Guarantee tab, And in the middle of the screen you will se SRC, which is the Source of your payment set it to a M.
 2. Determine how much money you are expecting in commissions from them – by either entering a Flat Commission in the Commission Amount field – or by using a percentage.
 3. Set the Split N on the Buy/Sell panel.
 4. Select the agency that you are splitting with (by doing a CNTRL D from the Agency # on the Buy/Sell screen). The agency has to be set-up.

When day after the ending date, the BOD will make entries showing that the agency you assigned in set #4 (above) owes you a commission amount.

When commissions are received, just process the commission via the dollar posting process. You would select a ‘C’ disposition for commission. The system will make all the other entries.

Please note that there should not be any deposits received on these type of engagements – because typically the agency paying the commission is the same one receiving the deposits from the Purchaser.

If They Are Paying You:
 1. The set the Source (SRC) to either a ‘P’ (monies from Purchaser deposits) or ‘A’ (artist).
 2. The amount of the percentage of the commission that you are to receive from the band (not counting the amount that you are to pay the other agency) – should be input into the Commission Amount field. You can also enter a percentage. The percentage must only be the percentage that your agency is to receive. {Both for this step and the previous one – these fields are on the guarantee panel).
 3. Go to the Buy/Sell Panel.
 4. Set ‘Y’ on the Split flag.
 5. Select the agency that you are splitting with (by doing a CNTRL D from the Agency # on the Buy/Sell screen). The agency has to be set-up.
 6. Input either the flat rate or the commission percentage that the agency you are splitting with is to receive.
 7. The amount or percentage added here – will be added to the amount or percentage that you set on Guarantee panel.
 8. When the date plays, the BOD will show that you now owe the agency X amount of dollars. It will also show that the Purchaser or the Artist owes you the amount of both your commission and the agency that you are splitting with.
 9. Once the monies are received, you can either process them as a ‘D’ for deposit or a ‘C’ commission. The net effect is the same. To process, press the dollar bill icon. Next select a disposition of A or C and enter the dollar amount.
10. To have Book-It2000 reflect that you have paid the other agency – regardless of if you have received the actual commission or not: Select the monetary posting screen. Next, use a disposition of M. This tells the system that you are writing a check to the agency for whatever dollar amount that you have entered.