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George Michailow of Fast Lane International: "Thank you for being there for Fast Lane International from day 1. You are the most supportive, helpful and responsive company when it comes to customer service , tech support and trouble shooting. I added you to my Company's favorites page and give youabig thumbs up"

Tom Ingegno of OmniPop: “I've been using Book-It since 1992 and I'm very happy with the results. Changes and updates have always been customized for our needs.”

Accounting Overview
How to Post and Monitor Money Transactions

Dollar Bill  
Any time you would like to post a transaction to a contract click on this icon.
To learn what the different posting abilities are click here

General Ledgers (G/L Key Entries)  
This tab is located at the end of the contract tabs, and keeps a financial record of what is owed for that contract, and what you owe.  All transactions either posted or not will appear in this tab.

Under the GL/Key Entries tab are three different tabs (going down the right side) and their fields and functions:

GL Info Tab and the Field Explanations:
Artist Amt/Door Rcvd: If this is a door deal (where the Artist receives money based on what the door got) then you will enter the amount in this field.  This will recalculate the commission owed to you.
Total Artist Amnt Rcvd: This is the total amount of money that the artist received.  This could be from the guarantee plus the Artist Amt/Door Rcvd.
Due Day of Show: This comes from the guarantee is automatically filled in.
Deposit Received $: This will automatically update based on what you've posted.
Other Artist Payment $: This will automatically update based on what you've posted.

$$$ Status Tab and the Field Explanations:
Deposits: This shows you all the deposits due based on what you've entered in Book-it 2000.
Commissions: This is based on what the commission due is.  If you have a door amount, then once you've entered that it will re-calculate the commission and show you here as well.
Buy/Sell Comm: Again if there is a commission that is due from the Buy/Sell settings it will appear here.
Other Agency Pd: If there is another agency you are splitting with the amount owed them will appear here.
Artist Advance: If you've posted an Artist Advance that money will appear here.
Due to Artist: Any money that is due to the artist will appear here.

Monetary Posting
Click here  to see how to post a transaction.

Overview: Of course depending on what money comes in and how the deal is set up there can be endless combinations of what needs to be paid, how it appears in Book-It 2000, and how you need to post the money that comes in.
Posting a Transaction Field Explanations:
To post a transaction you need to be in contracts.  Click on the dollar bill icon.  Then a box will appear with several drop down choices.  Below are the choices and what you use them for.
Applies Monies Due to Back Comm:  Sometimes an Artist will send a check for several commissions.  Instead of posting to all of the different contracts owed you can use this option.  The commission for that contract will be paid first and then the left over amount will be posted to the contracts that are the oldest.
Artist Advance: The Artist will have money due, but they need the money before the date is played.  You can use this option to show that you have paid the artist.  When the date is played whatever money you have posted here will be applied to the money owed to the artist.

Or you are advancing the artist money.  It will still show that any money owed to the artist has been paid by the artist advance, but if there is any money still owed to you for the advance it will reflect that amount.
BuySell Commission Received:  If the Artist was being charged a separate amount then what is in the Guarantee the Buy/Sell Commission will calculate.  This allows you to show that this amount was received.
Commission Received:  In order for you to post a commission is received two things must happen: 
1.) The date must be played!  it will not allow you to post the commission if the date has not played. 
2.) it can not be for over the amount of the commission.
Deposit Received:  This allows you to post any money received.  You can even pay the commission off (after the date has played) with what is received in the deposit.  You will just need to set that in the OCR.  There are no limits to how much can be posted or when it can be posted.
Expense to Contract: If you would like to post an amount to the contract for an expense (that was not covered by any fields in Book-It 2000).
Other Artist Receivable: If the artist receives any other money that is not covered by Book-it 2000.
Payment to Agency: To show that money was paid to the Agency (not you).
Payment to Artist: To show money that was paid to the artist.
Reimbursement: To show money that has been reimbursed to you.