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Development News
What's Going on at AvailX?

For Current Customers: 

If you haven’t already heard our email server has changed! Instead of it is now so please update us in your contacts.  All same names just different server.  For example is now

Updates to Communication Station: Same great site but the name has changed to OfficeAvail. This way all of our sites will have the same flow and easier for you to remember.

Check out our updated products!
  • Entertainment Booking software on a web platform
  • Keeps track of artists, contacts, venues, and liasons
  • Keeps track of money due and money paid and so much more!!
  • Please contact us at for more information or a free demo.
  • Manage your every day with Office Avail
  • Record and send messages for everyone you work with
  • Manage to do lists
  • All web based so no need to install or maintain software
  • On a secure server and accessible anywhere in the world!
  • Please contact us at for  more information or a free demo.

Marketing / Business Points

  • Get help through our new support site  now you can submit tickets for support issues. You can also click on links to help you with troubleshooting, articles, and how to's.  Please email us at for more details.
  • AvailX offers a hassle-free partnership to any business or individual who wants to use our services and products. You can check out the details of it at AvailX's website.  Any questions contact us at 817-485-5658.
  • What is SEO and how can it help grow your client base?  SEO is search engine optimzation that helps to get your site out on top of the major search engines like Google. AvailX offers this service so please email to get a quote and answer any questions you may have regarding SEO and how it can help grow your customer base.


Trends and Observations



Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Twitter and Facebook arent just for connecting with your friends and family.  Today businesses are using social media to engage and build loyalty with their customers.

Here are a few tips in building your social media network:

  1. Make your website more efficient/reliable/quicker/simpler. Websites are key these days. Get a good one, and you look professional and encourage people to get on there all the time.

  2. Analyze your target market and identify your competition: Finding and understanding your target market is crucial – knowing who you are trying to sell to means you will find the best way to reach them.

  3. Be speedy in responding: Often consumers will weigh up a number of different solutions offered by different companies when considering the purchase of a product/service. It is key that you respond to them in a timely manner. 

  4. Offer better customer service. Smile, be polite, build relationships with your customers and respond to complaints quickly and calmly.

  5. Improve your product/service offering: Small, subtle improvements to your product/service offering can make the world of difference. You could try making your product more unique, more efficient or better quality than competitive offerings.


New App to control your child's use of their mobile phones.

DinnerTime is a new app that gives parents the control to shut down thier child's phone during certain times of the day.  There are three options.  One is the "dinner time" break for durations of 30 min to 1.5 hours.  Second is "Take a break" that indefinetly freezes the child's device until parent unfreezes it.  Third is "Schedule Bedtime" and can be set for any time you desire.

Only catch... the childs phone must be an Android. iPhones and iPod touches will not run the app due to security issues. However, the parent's phone can be an iPhone.

This is an app I will definetly consider for my kids!

Google will start to prioritize secure websites in search results. 

Secure sites with "https" ("s" stands for secure) in the URL will show up higher in search than the "http" sites.

Check our our Twitter page for the full article.

Russian Hackers steal over a BILLION Internet Passwords

A Russian crime ring has stolen the largest know collection of internet credentials security researchers say.

Hackers tageted any website they could get ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small websites.

Check out an article on our Twitter page called "7 ways to Avoid being the Next Hacking Victim" for more information on this.


Fun Facts about the Music Industry

In 1976 American singer and songwriter Barry Manilow released a chart-topping song titled "I Write the Songs." Ironically, he didn't write the song himself.

In 1979 the world’s largest disco was held at the Buffalo Convention Center in New York. Thirteen thousand people danced there way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The longest recorded piece of music is by a band called Bull of Heaven. The play time of the song, "The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space," is in excess of two months. A current project called "Longplayer" is attempting to create the world's longest song. The song is set to last almost 1,000 years; plans are that it will come to its conclusion just before the year 3000.

U2's 360° tour is the highest grossing tour of all time at $736 million!  Over $200 million from than the runner up the Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang Tour.

Helpful Hints...

AvailX also offers website design for your business.  We build professional business websites from one page informational sites to a full blown ecommerce site. Contact for more information.

Here are some tips on improving your website through the help of our team.

  1. You must have a professional logo and link it to the homepage.

  2. Use easy navigation so you don't confuse your audience.

  3. Dont use too many images and clutter your site. 

  4. Use color strategically.  Neutral colors promotes class and looks modern.  Small dashes of color is always good to help guide your viewer though the site.

  5. Always have professional looking images!

  6. Use easy fonts compatible with laptops and mobile devices as well.

  7. Use appealing buttons.  Make them want to click on your submit button.

  8. Test Test Test.  Always test your site when you make changes or create a whole new one.  Get feedback constantly!


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